Xuan Zhao is a photographer in the heart of New York City who also goes by Sean. Born in Baoding China, he came over to the states at an early age and grew up in a small town in the Adirondacks upstate New York. Sean went to the School of Visual Arts where he studied Photography & Video.

    Sean is interested and versed in many different types of photography. His work aims to portray a multitude of subjects from street photography and lifestyle to theoretical photoshopped scapes, abstractions of rolls of black body figures against a pure white background and even a landscape documentary of Newcomb, the town he misses and resided in before he came to New York City.

    Traveling to new places is an interest of his and he believes it could play a part in the growth in his work. Currently Sean is working on the documentary project of the small town of Newcomb upstate New York where he grew up.